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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beginning of Life The Universe and Everything

In the begining there was nothing then God woke up. . .
``Let there be light he said". At that very
instant the darkness was engulfed by a ray of light
emitted from somewhere between anywhere and nowhere. The
light danced in the nothingness of space changing the
frequency of the electrical part of the wave as a
sinusoidal function and the magnetic part as a hyperbolic
function before realizing that it was a particle and had
no control over how the EM waves around it behaved. Light
was one of the very few things created by God which will
never evolve the only other one being the bed which God
created for himself.

The creation of light was simplest of all, it consisted of
synthesizing some photon particles by heating the fine
dust particles just as those at Betelgeuse in the argon atmosphere
like that on Jupiter. After the photons were synthesized they
were superimposed on the electromagnetic waves produced by
hurling a planet full of iron oxide tied to a special
nylon rope in such a way that it follows the path of an
elliptical helix with decreasing eccentricity, the rate of
decrease of eccentricity determined the intensity of light.
Greater the rate of decrease higher the intensity. For the
obvious reasons He chose the rate of decrease to be
the inverse square of distance traveled.

Light was restricted to travel in straight line because
when it did so the particle waves generated by the moving
photons superimposed on the EM waves and canceled all the
peaks corresponding to complexities and amplified those
representing simplicity, thus making it impossible for
those creatures equipped with beta versions of brain to
find out the true nature of light.

After all this God went for a siesta.