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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The old way, for those who are Old School

Being the first ever gunslinger on this range, I take full advantage of this and intend to plant my flag all over :D.

So, the problem here is pretty eluding and daunting all the more. It has plagued my esteemed ancestors. In case you didnt know, they fought alongside the Pandavas, in Kurukshetra and then later on alongside Alexander, in all those wars minus the last one, when he was so greived at their absence, that he decided to retreat and die in the middle as life didnt make sense anymore. They fought Hitler, with the allies. One fine day, they decided ot take a crap in a bunker and the next thing you know, it exploded and so that was the end of the war in Europe. There my illustrious family was, giving away autographs to Captain America and the other dumbass, all the same, over and over again. But they were not satisfied wiht life. Despite having been in all the wars that shaped the future of the world, and despite having been there done that, they paid a hefty price for everything. No, its not the fact that they never got credit for anything. The truth might surprise you, as it did surprise me. Cutting their teeth time and again, their brains evolved and so they lost some centres up there. Specifically those responsible for recognisng flora at long distances. They devoted the rest of their lives in trying to regain the lost faculty. The world took to its affairs. The Yanks and the Ruskis started the cold war as they couldnt divide the credit between themselves. Thus, unkowingly, the world is the way it is as some people could not recognize some long, tall specimens of flora at long distances.

The rest of the lore, is coming soon.
Till then, ponder over the true nature of phytoplankton as it is their the answer to the riddle lies.


  • At 10:37 PM, Blogger Mayank Mandava said…

    Y'r not the first gunslinger on this range maggot. I am. You mess with me, you are messing with the meanest, the toughest and the dirtiest there is. Refer to my blog for my gun toting exploits.

  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger heavyNash said…

    you didnt fire the first shot; looks like you had jellybeans for rounds :D

    waiting for your next shot


  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger Mayank Mandava said…

    Just had a change of lineage. seems I belong to an elite sect of ninjas livin in remote islands off the coast of the main Japanese islands. So the question of jelly bean shots does not arise. I use ninja stars and swords.
    the truth about ninjas:
    1) they are mammals
    2) they fight ALL the time
    3) they totally flip out and kill people

    4) they can tell the species of a tree correctly from 150 to 170 metres (depending on the fog).

    source: an ancient parchment found in the oesophagus of my cousin's grandmother.

    It seems one of my great grandfathers was jumping heavily from tree to tree whistling "who stole my flautu lensa" when a ninja star hit him in the eye and he lost 3D vision. But he got another power.. he could nullify certain centres in the brains of certain people. That is how he took away the most importand facility of all from your ancestors (he was sympathetic to Hitler and the boys).

    So Mr. NashMan, my sword up yours

  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger heavyNash said…

    I dont understand how your sword can go up my sword :))
    Well, as they say, I have balls of steel and no silly sword welding mandu can dent the COLLOSUS that I am (ok, rather one of the many alter-egoes :P). Looks like you people got pretty busted by the foot clan and Oruku Saki. I fondly remember your grandmother; boy was she some slut :D
    Anyway, maybe your being a master of Ninjutsu, sure explains your disappearance from the blog.

    [A special message from Michael Kelso, "BURN BURN BURN"]


    ps: kindly continue with the blog; do some justice to your brain child; we both know that this is the best thing our creative powers can be put to (sad as it may seem).


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