How to identify trees from a large distance

severalspeciesofsmallfurryanimalsgatheredtogetherinacaveand should have been the name. but i like this short name for it's shortness

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Opening Bell

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Beginning of Life The Universe and Everything

In the begining there was nothing then God woke up. . .
``Let there be light he said". At that very
instant the darkness was engulfed by a ray of light
emitted from somewhere between anywhere and nowhere. The
light danced in the nothingness of space changing the
frequency of the electrical part of the wave as a
sinusoidal function and the magnetic part as a hyperbolic
function before realizing that it was a particle and had
no control over how the EM waves around it behaved. Light
was one of the very few things created by God which will
never evolve the only other one being the bed which God
created for himself.

The creation of light was simplest of all, it consisted of
synthesizing some photon particles by heating the fine
dust particles just as those at Betelgeuse in the argon atmosphere
like that on Jupiter. After the photons were synthesized they
were superimposed on the electromagnetic waves produced by
hurling a planet full of iron oxide tied to a special
nylon rope in such a way that it follows the path of an
elliptical helix with decreasing eccentricity, the rate of
decrease of eccentricity determined the intensity of light.
Greater the rate of decrease higher the intensity. For the
obvious reasons He chose the rate of decrease to be
the inverse square of distance traveled.

Light was restricted to travel in straight line because
when it did so the particle waves generated by the moving
photons superimposed on the EM waves and canceled all the
peaks corresponding to complexities and amplified those
representing simplicity, thus making it impossible for
those creatures equipped with beta versions of brain to
find out the true nature of light.

After all this God went for a siesta.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Wars for the Pulp of the Fictional Stars

English mothafocka, do you speak it?

What does Master Yoda look like?.... DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?

Monday, June 13, 2005

The time has come,the Walrus said

Pink Floyd is back together dudes!!well at least for a concert,but thats enough really,they're not gonna make any albums anyway,with or without Waters.and so,the greatest regret of my post-Floyd life,of not being alive in the Floyd era,is finally redeemed!I know,i shoulda posted this in my usual Floyd blog,but i trust my parteners-in-crime who keep this blog alive to be as happy with the news.
I may not see the concert,but I'll most definitely lie about watching it to my children.That they might be more interested in some hip-hopping kewl dudes is 'course another matter.but just in case they aren't ,i trust all those reading this blog to keep this a secret for me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pink is the color

The most importand discovery/invention in the history of stroggkind is the colour pink. It's not merely a color. It's a shot of aphrodisiac in a snort of cocain. What could be more soothing than its mild hue that is reminiscient of strawberry shakes and vaginal interiors. It imparts a certain amount of coolness to the brain while we absorb it's eternal beauty. And its not a "cold" coolness. It's a loving feeling, like the coolness of a mother's breast to a suckling infant, like the coolness of a beloved's cheeks to the lusty hand.

There is most definitely psychosexual power in the color, but i am no Frued and won't pretend to be one. All I know is this: When my big chance comes I would love to do it in a pink room on a pink bed.

All this talk of pink is doing things to me, and being on this beautiful pink page in the meanwhile is really quite something. Excuse me, gotta go. signing of with this brillian everpink tribute to, you guessed it, pink

Pink it´s my new obsession
Pink it´s not even a question
Pink on the
lips of your lover, ´cause
Pink is the love you discover
Pink as the
bing on your cherry
Pink ´cause you are so very
Pink it´s the color of
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion
Pink it was love at
first sight, yea
Pink when I turn out the light, and
Pink gets me high
as a kite
And I think everything is going to be all right
No matter what
we do tonight

Hope this blog finds you all in the pink of health
The Pinkster

The Pink army

No!If you've been to my blog already,I know what you're thinkin.But before you start banging your heads against the comp screen,or worse still,get after my balls,of which there is a good chance,considering that the moderator of this blog,The Mandu is infamous for frequently contemplating suicide but finally choosing genocide as the better option(this sentence is getting rather long,ain't it?),let me assure you,this is NOT another brick...oops sorry for getting carried away,this is NOT another Pink Floyd post,but deals with a rather serious(hehe) and relevant question(at least to me),and that is,Why is this blog coloured PINK? Well,it may be attributed to the (ahem!) tendencies of the members.'Course that ain't true(What!there might be chicks reading this,f ' cryin out loud!I still love y'all).Anyway,i have no idea what mandu had in mind,but to me this is just another one of the many supercool characteristics people in this Godforsaken place(yup,our dear alma mater) seem to share.It's an attitude thing,to me.It's not enough for us to be the coolest ones,so we go a step further,we go ahead and do the uncoolest thing possible,The point made here is,"We're so cool we don't give a fudge what is cool." It's the attitude!It is why we love Kurt Cobain,he's our man!No offence to true-blue Nirvana fans(Heck!I'm one of 'em),but we must remember that Grunge wasn't just a genre in music.It was an attitude,a way of life.It was about not conforming to the standards set by self-proclaimed cool dudes!The rest of the world may(and does) go ape over the ultracool hip-hop artists,and possibly even their truly sickening Punjabi clones,but we can never forgive them for the sacrilege that is Snoop Dogg's version of "Riders on the storm",or for the audacity of the guy who came up with the Dhol(shudder!) version of "Summer of '69". In fact,since we're on my favourite subject here(music i.e.),I think our musical tastes reflect our attitude more than anything else.Nirvana,Pink Floyd(PBUT),Queen,Led Zep,Black Sab,Bob Dylan,Deep Purple,Guns n Roses,these are some of the greatest artists the world has seen.Howver,you're clearly not with the times if you still listen to them.You're not cool enough if you've not heard of the latest thing in Rap and hip-hop.Well,go tell it to someone who cares!
The rest of the world,with all its cool dudes,would shudder at the mere mention of the colour,leave aside actually using it in their web page.While the colour doesn't look too cool,what is even more frightening is that it may send out wrong signals.But we choose to do it,maybe only because it shouldn't be done!That's supercool if you ask me.
In conclusion,I'd just like to make a confession.There are moments when we do decide to conform.And so when I was contemplating buying a Freddie Mercury tee recently,I was warned by mandu that I can kiss all chances of losing my virginity in the near future,a hard goodbye,if I do that.It was my weak moment,when I had to succumb to the norms.I'm sorry for that,mates.

Well with a **** like that,what am I doin here?

If I were not in IIT,something else I'd like to be,
If I were not in IIT, a chicken-lover me,
with a huff-pant-huff,and a huff-pant-huff and a huff-huff all day long,
with a huff-pant-huff,and a huff-pant-huff I'd sing this merry song

Sunday, May 29, 2005

The old way, for those who are Old School

Being the first ever gunslinger on this range, I take full advantage of this and intend to plant my flag all over :D.

So, the problem here is pretty eluding and daunting all the more. It has plagued my esteemed ancestors. In case you didnt know, they fought alongside the Pandavas, in Kurukshetra and then later on alongside Alexander, in all those wars minus the last one, when he was so greived at their absence, that he decided to retreat and die in the middle as life didnt make sense anymore. They fought Hitler, with the allies. One fine day, they decided ot take a crap in a bunker and the next thing you know, it exploded and so that was the end of the war in Europe. There my illustrious family was, giving away autographs to Captain America and the other dumbass, all the same, over and over again. But they were not satisfied wiht life. Despite having been in all the wars that shaped the future of the world, and despite having been there done that, they paid a hefty price for everything. No, its not the fact that they never got credit for anything. The truth might surprise you, as it did surprise me. Cutting their teeth time and again, their brains evolved and so they lost some centres up there. Specifically those responsible for recognisng flora at long distances. They devoted the rest of their lives in trying to regain the lost faculty. The world took to its affairs. The Yanks and the Ruskis started the cold war as they couldnt divide the credit between themselves. Thus, unkowingly, the world is the way it is as some people could not recognize some long, tall specimens of flora at long distances.

The rest of the lore, is coming soon.
Till then, ponder over the true nature of phytoplankton as it is their the answer to the riddle lies.

The Larch

The Larch


The Larch



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